YOUR TAXES; State Laws On Where You Live And Earn

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In general, you’ll pay state taxes on all the personal income you earn in your home state (unless you live in a state without personal income taxation). If you work in a state but don’t live there, you are considered a non-resident of that state.

Although certain states have varying non-resident tax laws, generally, if you live in one state and work in another remotely (so you don’t physically travel to another state for work), then you would only file and pay taxes to your resident state.

Community property laws affect how you figure your income on your federal income tax return if you are married, live in a community property state or country, and file separate returns. If you are married, your tax usually will be less if you file married filing jointly than if you file married filing separately.

One of the financial responsibilities of homeownership is paying property taxes. local governments levy these taxes and use.

Most people in the U.S. live and work in the same state, which makes state taxes pretty easy to understand – you pay taxes to the state where you live and work. But what if you live in one state and work in another? Do you pay taxes to the state where you live? Where you earn an income? Both?! You need to pay taxes to both.

So if you don’t happen to live in a state where there’s no income tax, you’ll have to pay tax to your home state on your income regardless of where you earned it. For example, you might live in Georgia, but you work in Florida, which doesn’t have a state income tax.

"Even if you are living abroad and paying taxes in your host country, you may still be required to file and pay taxes in the U.S., but there are some tools to help you avoid double taxation – such as the foreign earned income exclusion and the foreign tax credit," McKeegan says.

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If you maintain a part-time residence in California and live part of the year in another state, you may have to pay taxes on your pension in both states. For example, if you live in California for.

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