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Macadamia nut nutrition facts. Sweet, delicious and flavorful macadamia nut is one of the lovely edible nuts packed with important health-benefiting nutrients. Botanically, macadamia belongs to the family of Proteaceae, in the genus: Macadamia. Some of the common names include Australia nut, Queensland nut, bush nut, etc.

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Infinitive. infinity. infusium 23. intimate. iremi Macadamia is a genus of four species of trees indigenous to Australia, and constituting part of the plant family Proteaceae. They are native to north eastern New South Wales and central and south eastern Queensland.

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Macadamia flowers open over a six- to 12-day period. It is important to place hives in the orchards during this time, preferably five days before flowers open. If this is done any earlier, the bees will not have enough food and will either die or leave the orchard in search of food. A bee visits each raceme approximately 50 times per day.

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