How to turn your week around

Changing your perspective can help you turn around your life, and reading is a great place to start. Put your goals in writing. When thoughts are banging around in our heads, they can easily slip away. Walk from one room to another and you forget what you were doing! Make sure your goals are concrete and written down.

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Your diet makeover: When you’re struggling to take care of yourself, know that it’s okay to make imperfect food choices. It’s okay let others help you. Add more structure to your meal times so you make a conscious effort to nourish your body. Eat with friends to lift your spirits. The joy will come back. The better you get at this, the better you’ll be able take care of yourself the next time life knocks you down.

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You live in a world of your thoughts. Think about that. Sit back in your chair right now and wrap your mind around that. Everything right now is a construction of you, of your thinking, of your mind. This should lead you to a couple of conclusions: Awesome. You have the power to live however you want.

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